Return Customer Card Rules and restrictions:

  • If you do 3 piercings* in our studio, the 4th
    piercing of $45.50 value or less is free. The
    free piercing comes with the standard
    jewelry. Upgrade options are not an option
    for the free piercing.
  • In order to receive a free piercing, above all
    you MUST hold on to your card. If you lose
    the card: it gets burned in a fire, you lose
    your wallet, a friend stole it, or your dog ate
    it etc. you do not get a replacement and/or
    a free piercing.
  • Body of Xpression reserves the right to
    invalidate this card at our discretion for any
  • You do not get a replacement card unless
    you fill up and use your card.
     * Ear lobe & outer ear cartilage piercings do
not count toward a free piercing. They can
however be your free piercing.
  Your free piercing
cannot be a genital
piercing or any piercing over $45.50. Meaning
also it
cannot be use as a discount of $45.50
for a piercing.
Nor are the upgrade jewelry
options available for the free piercing