Age limits for piercings
  •       No piercing under age 8
Note: between the ages of 8 & 14 we reserve primarily for
ear piercings.
  •       No navel piercing under age 14
  •       No tongue piercing under age 16
  •       No Genital piercings on anyone under 18, this includes
    nipples male and/or female

Any customer getting a body piercing,
including minors, must have  a
valid government  issued photo identification.
  • minors may have/use current school ID. Please note that it must
    be an actual card photo ID, not a photo printed on paper. This
    also can not be the paper issued by the DMV while waiting for
    the actual ID to arrive.
  • passport
  • state identification card
  • drivers license
  • permanent resident card
  • We no longer accept foreign identification unless it is a passport
This must be an original unexpired identification. NOT a copy.

Minors (anyone under 18 years of age)
  • Must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.
  • Both the parent/legal guardian AND minor, must have a recent
    photo ID.
  • All minor's must present an original birth certificate, not a copy
    unless it is an attested copy.
  • If the parents last name is different from the minor's, we need
    original documentation (not a copy) to show CLEARLY why
    (divorce papers, custody papers, marriage certificate, etc)
  • If the parents name on their ID is the same as what is on the birth
    certificate of the minor, this would serve as proof.
  • All identification is required EVERY TIME you come in for a

PLEASE call us before you come to the studio if you have any
questions about these requirements and we will gladly help you out.